Frequently asked questions

You can register for free here.

In order to do so you need to be at least 18 and to have a valid driver’s license at least category “M” or “B”.

Also you need a valid credit card as well as an email address and a smart phone.

With the registration we ask you to send us a copy of your driver’s license, ID (front and back) as well as an up-to-date photo of yourself/ a selfie.

Our SHAREASCOOT scooters are part of the AM category vehicles, according to the European regulation of driver’s licenses.

That means you can conduct them with the standard driver’s license for cars category “B”.

If your license is not issued in Bulgaria there is no problem. We accept all kinds of driver’s licenses.

It’s easy. One of the key advantages of the scooter is that you can park it almost anywhere as long as it doesn’t hamper the law.

Because of the small size of the scooter, you will usually find a parking space exactly at the necessary destination.

You can also park the SHAREASCOOT scooter within the blue and green zones for free.

What you need to check are the places forbidden for parking such as loading zones, handicapped parking places, garage entrances as well as company paid spots.

You are not allowed to park SHAREASCOOT scooters at private parking or garages.

You will find a fashionable helmet size L in the compartment under the seat of every SHAREASCOOT scooter and a helmet M in the luggage suitcase.

The helmets are regularly cleaned and maintained by our service team. Of course you can use your own helmet.

It’s simple – use the SHAREASCOOT scooter until the rental price reaches the daily rate – 59 BGN. After that the charging of your rent stops automatically therefore you don’t have to worry about anything else. The best? The daily rate applies to 24 hours, not just a calendar day.

Important: The daily rate applies to one journey with one vehicle. It doesn’t include the changes in vehicles. Also if you end a rental on one scooter and begin a new one on the same scooter, it is not a daily rate but two separate ones.

Of course if you want to use the SHAREASCOOT scooter for a longer period you can do so by contacting us in advance at +359 889 496 500 or

The SHAREASCOOT scooters have a compulsory insurance that covers all the damages caused to the other vehicle.

All damages caused by the driver to the scooter or the passengers or other people (such as pedestrians) are your personal responsibility.

Please use the SHAREASCOOT scooters responsibly and with thought about all the other participants in the city environment.

More details regarding the insurance and the responsibility are listed in our terms and conditions.

You don’t need to worry about that as our team regularly takes care of the SHAREASCOOT scooters.

The energy that you use is included in the rent and you don’t get charged extra.

If the energy level is low, you can terminate your session and start a new one with another SHAREASCOOT scooter.

SHAREASCOOT is a sharing service, which means there are no stations.

You can rent a SHAREASCOOT scooter wherever you find it.

Our service area is centralized, you can check the locations here. Only the start and the end of a rental session is restricted to the service area, otherwise you can use the scooters everywhere in the city and park them as well (using the parking function in the app).

However, ending the session has to happen at the service area.

It is not allowed for the SHAREASCOOT scooters to leave the usage area.

Of course that can happen when you have spoken to our staff and have received permission for that at  +359 889 496 500.

It is absolutely forbidden and against the law to drive a 50 cc scooter on the freeway!

Despite the fact that our service team constantly goes around the city to guarantee that the SHAREASCOOT  scooters are in perfect condition, the weather conditions are not always on our side.

Please if you ever notice a scooter in need of cleaning, do contact us – +359 889 496 500 или на

In case you need them (if stopped by Police), they are in the luggage compartment under the seat of every scooter.

Simply click on the button “damage signal” in the rental window of the app.

In case of damages that can affect the safety on the road, please call us directly +359 889 496 500.

There is a button “history” in the app where you can track your rentals and trips and at the end of each month you will receive a breakdown on your registration email address.

Invoicing happens on a monthly basis.

That means you can request an invoice and receive it during the few first days of the next month.

If you need an invoice, however, please do let us know in advance +359 889 496 500 or

We don’t like the restrictions and the rules, however, there are three important things:

1) in order to drive a SHAREASCOOT scooter you need a valid registration with us;

2) it is absolutely forbidden to use alcohol or drugs while driving (the alcohol level allowed is 0.0%)

3) Be kind to our SHAREASCOOT scooters as well as to the other participants on the road.

Enjoy the sun and leave the heavy traffic to the others!

For more details check our terms and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding our scooters, check our instruction pages on the website –