Rules for riding, parking and safety features

Traffic Recommendations:

Please follow the traffic rules as established by the law and observe the following recommendations:

  • maintain your distance
  • if possible keep yourself to the right and at least one meter away from the sidewalk
  • use the indicators when turning and changing lanes
  • brake only by using both brake handles. Never use only one (the right one)
  • after finishing a session, please make sure to return the helmet to the baggage compartment and to close it and lock it.

Parking Recommendations:

  • park only at allowed places for the purpose – if possible try to use the assigned spots for that by Sofia municipality, you can check out the map here.
  • NEVER park on the sidewalk even if it it’s not in the way of the pedestrians. As it is forbidden, the police penalty for that is 50 BGN. If such penalty is issued, it will be send to the driver.
  • Don’t park at private parking spaces and malls

Safety recommendations in connection to the COVID 19 pandemic:

  • bring your own helmet if you have one although the one we provide is sanitized daily
  • wear gloves if possible – travel one person per scooter (without a companion). We currently have only one helmet in the baggage compartment.
  • wear the vizor of the helmet upwards
  • avoid touching your face before washing your hands

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info[at] or by phone.

Discover Sofia and the surroundings on a scooter.

The service is entirely online without any additional hassle – directly through your smart phone with all operational systems.

A fun, effective and beneficial way to explore the city environment.

Rental price
for the first 10 min.

5.90 BGN

Rental price
after the 10th min.

0.39 BGN

Rental price
for 24 hours

59.00 BGN

Parking price
(inside / outside the Service Area)

0.09 BGN/min

There is no restriction in the km passed.

You can follow the energy level on the SHAREASCOOT scooter or check through the mobile app. The energy you have used is included in the rental price.

The energy in the SHAREASCOOT scooter is included in the rental price.