Discover Sofia and the surroundings on a scooter.

The service is entirely online without any additional hassle – directly through your smart phone with all operational systems.

A fun, effective and beneficial way to explore the city environment.

in the app SHAREASCOOT


Rental price

0.29 BGN.

Parking price
(inside / outside the Service Area)

0.09 BGN/minute

Daily rate
(24 hours)

59 BGN

Weekly rate
(24/7 days)

280 BGN

When you rent per minute or day/week, there is no restriction in the km passed.

When you rent per minute, you can follow the level of the fuel of SHAREASCOOT or check through the mobile app as the fuel you have used is included in the rental price.

When you rent daily/weekly, the fuel in the SHAREASCOOT scooter is included in the rental price after its use and if you want to keep using the scooter, the fuel needs to be paid by you.