How does it work?

From finding and getting the scooter of SHAREASCOOT up to the point of ending the rental, we have put everything you need to know here.

The setting is quick so in no time you’ll be on your first scooter!

Download the application SHAREASCOOT

for iOS or Android

Register following the instructions of the application

*you need a valid ID, driver’s license and credit card

Wait for a confirmation of the registration from the SHAREASCOOT team

Find the closest to you SHAREASCOOT scooter, save it for a period of 15 min (the time that is enough to reach it)

When reaching the SHAREASCOOT scooter press the button “unlock” – within 20 sec the board of SHAREASCOOT will be lit and the indicator (the arrow) of the fuel will move up.

Afterwards press the yellow button on the left side of the SHAREASCOOT scooter unlocking the seat in that way.

Lift the seat and in the luggage compartment you will find a helmet size M or L as well as a key to the luggage suitcase.

There you will find an extra helmet M or L for the other passenger (if there is one).

After locking the baggage suitcase (if you needed the extra helmet) you can now start the SHAREASCOOT scooter.

Starting the SHAREASCOOT scooter is done by pressing the button under the right handle (it is advised that with the first ignition if the engine is cold, to push on the gas with the right handle while starting the SHAREASCOOT scooter with the button) and it is compulsory that you do that with the break on (no matter if it is frontal/right or back/left).

Without the break on, the scooter will not start.

After the SHAREASCOOT scooter is on, take it off the stand (you do that by pushing it forward by holding the wheel tight), push on the gas and enjoy your trip.

After you finish with your trip and the SHAREASCOOT scooter is in the service area, get off the scooter and put it back on the stand

* please make sure that you have parked the SHAREASCOOT scooter in a place that is allowed for that without blocking the car or passenger way, it is not on a private property or a restaurant parking, store, etc. or in a park or whatever location forbidden for parking cars).

In order to stop the engine push and hold the chrome button located under the yellow button under the left handle for 3 sec and the engine will stop.

Open the luggage compartment under the seat with the yellow button and put the helmet back inside.

If you have used the second helmet (for the passenger) please put the second helmet back to the luggage suitcase and after locking it, put the key in the luggage compartment under the seat where the first helmet is.

From the SHARESCOOT application press the ending of the rental button, your session will be terminated and you will receive on your email a breakdown for the km, the minutes and the price of the rental.